Events and ceremonies
Avoi Drone stands out for its professionalism and seriousness. Living a Fable and being able to tell it with our images and videos is an experience that will leave you breathless.

Thanks to the agreement with photographers and videomakers we not only guarantee an excellent standard of production and assembly but also the provision of excellent service with top quality products.

On the occasion of Fairs, Exhibitions, Shows, Concerts, Shows, Festivals or for Tourist purposes, Avoi Drone offers an exclusive service of unprecedented aerial shots.

Each event has its own history, each event is unique.
Choose Avoi Drone to get the best results and enjoy the amazing images collected by our Drones.

From the top the vision is certainly suggestive
Avoi Drone offers an exclusive and reserved service aimed at highlighting the corporate image. With the drones will be made video footage in Full HD of the structures and production processes. A professional assembly work will then give an exclusive touch. Whether it is reception halls, resorts or successful commercial real estate or real estate complexes, the aerial perspective ensures the right visibility and that touch of exclusivity without comparison.

Construction Sites and Civil Engineering
Thanks to our drones, you can easily reach the tops of buildings and check the progress of works. It is also possible to use the same to monitor an area from above or to perform operations that require aerial intervention to check and inspect places.