3D Aero Photogrammetric Surveys

AVOI Drone performs aerial and photogrammetric surveys through the use of rotary wing SAPR systems. Processing of data produced with GIS and CAD software. 3D mapping and orthophotos with level curves, dimensioned plans and calculation of volumes, material of great help for geologists, architects and public bodies.

The technology of relief from Drone

This technology is the natural continuation and implementation of the traditional topographic survey, integrated with a modern survey tool able to produce orthophotos and digital terrain model. The system is particularly effective when it comes to characterizing and monitoring large areas, places difficult to access, in areas related to geology, hydrography, archeology.


monitoring in areas also difficult to access, landslides, landslides, control of construction sites, quarries and open-cast mines. Significant advantages are given by the quick times with which the relief can be made and by the ease with which we can repeat it.